“I really enjoy Sharon as a trainer. She individualizes all of my workouts and doesn’t just plug me into a formula. I was also pleased to see my results not only make me look better, but affect other areas of my life very positively. I’ve really leaned out and people have commented that I look ‘ripped’ – including my golf instructor! And speaking of golf, my driving distance has greatly improved because my core strength has increased. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone. She really is an awesome trainer!”

“Sharon is an inspired, and inspiring, physical fitness coach and teacher.  She knows every muscle in my body and exactly how to work and train it to meet my goals.  She’s also focused my attention on proper diet as a critical facet of my fitness program.  I could not be happier with what Sharon is helping me to achieve.”



“The leg workouts Sharon has me doing have helped a lot in gaining strength and endurance. Last weekend I went backpacking in the White Mountains, and hiking was so much easier! I never really fatigued like I used to.”



“My shoulder has bothered me for a long time and I thought I just had to put up with it. The exercises Sharon has had me do has my shoulder feeling so much better. I can’t believe that I can lift my arm now above my head without pain.”

“I was skeptical when Sharon said strengthening my core & abdominals would help my back problems. She also put me on a flexibility program for my back and hips. Now that I’ve been doing them for several weeks, my back actually feels better and stronger, and I have greater mobility.”


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