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Training Includes:

* HEALTH HISTORY CONSULTATION: I perform a thorough history of medical and orthopedic conditions, review previous injuries, and obtain a history of sport participation and exercise. Your workouts will be designed to address any needs and conditions such as rehabilitating an old, nagging injury.

* FITNESS ASSESSMENT: I will perform a body fat analysis and take circumference measurements. This will give us a starting point. During your first session, you will undergo a fitness test to attain your base level of fitness and identify any weaknesses and imbalances. Your program will be based on your specific results and needs. You will be re-assessed every four weeks and modifications made accordingly.
Fitness Assessment

* STRENGTH TRAINING: Your workouts will include using free weights, machines, and body weight exercises. I utilize weight training for weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, and muscle and strength gains. I focus on teaching proper technique first and progress from there by increasing weight and intensity.
Strength Training

* FLEXIBILITY TRAINING: As we age, our joints compress causing stiffness and decreased mobility. A regular stretching program will help restore those joints for improved range of motion and decreased soreness after a workout. Your flexibility plan will be based upon your specific needs.Flexibility Training

* NUTRITION COACHING: The foods and beverages you eat on a daily basis are half the battle to attaining weight loss, muscle gain and improved health. I will show you how to eat to reach these goals. This will involve keeping a detailed food journal for a minimum of seven days. My recommendations will be based on the analysis of this journal.NUTRITION GUIDELINES

* POSTURE ASSESSMENT: I assess your posture and look for any abnormalities and design a program to correct them. Most of us have rounded shoulders by the nature of our modern living. For example, sitting at a computer for long periods of time causes us to slump forward. I will show you exercises and stretches to correct this.

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