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Do you have back or hip pain? Do you have problems with your neck or shoulders? Often these common ailments can be greatly improved if not eliminated by strengthening the core.

What muscles make up the core? Many more than you might think. The core includes not only the muscles in the abdomen, but also the thorax and every other muscle from your shoulders to your knees. It includes quadriceps and hamstring's since they attach to the pelvis.

Strengthening all the core muscles makes your whole body stronger. Every movement begins in the core.

As a professional, I always knew how important these muscles were, but I didn't realize experientially until I had major surgery last year. The core is involved in every movement ever so slight. Merely reaching forward from the sofa to lift a glass of water utilized abdominals in such a way that I had never experienced.

Here is a good starting exercise to strengthen the core. Planks.

Strengthening your core can be successful at improving overall body strength and stability. Of course it takes hard work, patience and consistency over time.

Care enough about yourself to do it!


By: Sharon Powell
Female Fitness Trainer

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