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Personal Trainer Challenge: How Many Consecutive Days Can You Eat Real Food?

To attain all health improvement goals from weight loss to increasing muscle, or improving Type II diabetes or cardiovascular health – eat REAL food. What is real food? Any food in its whole, natural state that you can hunt, gather, fish or pick. If the food is boxed, canned, or frozen – it’s processed. If it has a label – most likely it’s processed. Charles Poliquin, world-renowned strength coach says, “If a caveman could find it, then it’s whole food.”

Avoid any and all processed foods. This includes fruit juice such as, orange juice. Eat the whole fruit! When you eat the whole fruit, you get all the nutrients and fiber. When fruit is juiced, i.e. processed; it destroys the fiber and many of the nutrients. What you have left is a high concentration of sugar. At that point, you might as well drink a soda. Processed foods also include dairy.

For most, eating real food and avoiding processed food is difficult. So much of our food product is processed. Think about it. Even ketchup and mayonnaise is processed. And how often do you eat out? Is everything on the menu fresh and cooked from scratch? I recommend eating a diet high in grass-fed, free range meats, organic, free range eggs, loads of fresh vegetables and fruit. If your goal is weight/fat loss, stick to low glycemic fruit and limit servings to one to two per day.

Take my EAT REAL FOOD challenge. See how many days in a row you can go without eating anything processed. Plan ahead. I shop every two to four days to keep a fresh supply of vegetables in stock. My freezer is packed with meats from local ranchers so that I always have a supply of quality protein available.

The longest I’ve eaten REAL FOOD was nine weeks. It was easier than I thought it would be. I cooked everything fresh and ate lots of beef, bison, salmon, chicken, eggs and as many vegetables as I wanted. No restricting calories! I felt great, leaned out quick and saved a lot of money since I avoided eating out.

So, take my EAT REAL FOOD challenge! Let me know how many consecutive days you can go with eating real food only.

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