Fitness Tip of the Day: Train Your Weak Link

The saying goes, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

This is a literal fact about the structure of a chain and it also applies to the human body. The structure of the human body is a chain of skeletal bones linked together by muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. If one “link” is damaged or weak, it will affect the function of the entire chain/body. I see many people in the gym performing exercises that come easy to them and that they’re good at. Basically, they focus on their strengths. Sometimes when I teach my clients a new exercise and it’s difficult or they can’t do it perfectly right away; they conclude, they shouldn’t do the exercise. The contrary is true. If a particular exercise is a struggle, that means you need to do it.

If you have this mindset, then you’re probably focused on your strengths and are neglecting to train your weaknesses. This routine will only perpetuate structural imbalances in your body. Strong muscles will continue to strengthen. Weak muscles will continue to be weak; thus, putting you at risk for injury or at best, prevent any significant progression in your training.

You probably already know which muscles are weak. Break out of your comfort zone and learn a new exercise or lift today. Make it one that emphasizes your weak area or muscle. It may feel unnatural or awkward at first, but keep at it. Once you learn the technique and improve in strength, it will become easier.

By training your weak links, will you will attain structural balance in your body. This will lead to higher levels of performance, greater strength gains and lower your risk of injury.

Sharon of Sharon’s Personal Training

Certified Female Fitness Trainer

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