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TRX Suspension Training

I am now certified in TRX Suspension Training. Suspension Training is a system that uses your own body weight and suspended cables to give you a full body workout.The concept is that one part of the body is always grounded, similar to movement of everyday life. Most jobs are sedentary and require sitting for most of the day. Why do you go to the gym and sit more at a machine? Strength and mobility gains made on the TRX will transfer to activities of daily living and sports.

TRX is useful for all fitness levels and ages because you adjust the difficulty and load by changing your angle or position to the anchor. Even my senior clients and overweight clients perform well on the TRX and actually enjoy it. The suspended straps allow for greater range of motion than one might ordinarily have.

If you’ve never trained using Suspension Training, I highly recommend it! For more information or to find a TRX Certified Trainer in your area, click on the link below.


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