Personal Training Tip of the Day: MOVE!

The structure and function of the human body was designed to move and be active. Muscles function best when they repeat a cycle of contraction under tension, followed by relaxation. This process has many health benefits such as, reducing muscle glycogen which in turn reduces insulin resistance. If you have Type II Diabetes or are at risk, exercise will help. The structure of joints were designed to bend and rotate. This action releases such chemicals as synovial fluid which lubricates the joint.

Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary. Sadly, most of our current jobs are. Even sitting for as little as 20 minutes has negative effects. Certain muscles shorten like the hip flexors (muscles located in the front of the pelvic bone). This can create hip and low back pain. Sitting for extended periods of time also lowers various chemicals (hormones), which set up your body to store more fat. Worse, when we get home from our jobs or school, we sit all night watching TV or at the computer.

Whenever I have a day where I have to sit much of the day, I always experience more soreness and stiffness. On days where I move a lot, I feel great. If you have a job that requires you are seated, I recommend getting up every 20 minutes to stretch and move. Even if you are not able to leave your desk, move at your desk. Perform body squats, leg swings, march in place – anything to get your blood flowing and the body moving.

Take away for today – MOVE!

Sharon Powell

Fitness Trainer of Tucson


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