Fitness Trainer Tip of the Day – Slow Reps for Greater Gains

One of the biggest mistakes I see in the gym is performing reps very fast on the lowering phase. For example, on the dumbbell biceps curl, from the top of the curl you allow the weights to fall to the beginning position; thereby allowing gravity to take over. Worse yet, swinging the dumbbells back down to use momentum and adding movement in your torso to assist with the lift. If you’re using momentum and body weight to do the lifting, how effective will this lift be at improving strength and muscle? When you’re walking downhill, your leg muscles have to contract to decelerate to prevent your body from gaining too much speed to prevent tumbling over. Similarly, when lowering a weight – go slow and controlled. Make those muscles work against gravity. This way the muscles are contracting in both directions. You will see greater gains in both muscle and strength.

Sharon Powell

Female Fitness Trainer

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