What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Your daily stool tells a lot about the internal health of your body. If you are chronically constipated or experience chronic diarrhea, this indicates poor digestive health. Poor digestive health can cascade into a multitude of health disorders and diseases. What is the perfect poop? Ideally, one should have one to three bowel movements per day. They should resemble type 3 or 4 on the chart below. If your stools are not of this type, you may need to examine your daily food intake. It could be the food and beverages you eat that are making you sick. To heal your gut and attain better health, I recommend the book, “Digestive Health with Real Food” by Aglaee Jacob. This book is a practical guide to understanding digestion and how to naturally improve your health just by the foods you eat. The author includes meal plans and recipes.

The Perfect Poop

What your poop says about your digestive health.

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