A Personal Trainer’s Dream Hiking Trails – The Grand Canyon

I recently visited the Grand Canyon – yes, before the government shutdown. I already can’t wait to go back. If you enjoy the outdoors and hiking, the Grand Canyon is the place for you.

I explored both the South and North Rims which are very different from each other. The South Rim has many hotels, lodges and campgrounds; as well as restaurants. Once at Grand Canyon Village, there are free shuttle buses to drive you along the rim where you can depart at various overlooks. It is very wheelchair accessible.

The North Rim, on the other hand, is very remote. There is only one lodge and one restaurant, so reservations need to be secured at least a year in advance. There are campgrounds, but spots sell out a year in advance also. The lodge has several cabins right on the rim with spectacular views. Cabin #306 has the best view and is in high demand. Sightseeing at the North Rim is on your own. No shuttles are available. It is wheelchair accessible, however, one is restricted mostly to the lodge and cabin area and a couple of lookout points.

Do not underestimate the difficulty of hiking the Grand Canyon! Even if you are in very good condition. The altitude is about 8800 feet above sea level. As a fitness trainer, I am very conditioned and I was “sucking wind” on the climb back up. Which brings me to a very important point. Hiking in the Canyon is “opposite” hiking – you hike down first. Most visitors get into trouble because they forget they have to climb back up. The rule of thumb is it will take you at least twice as long or longer to hike back up as it did going down. And don’t even think about doing a Rim to Rim hike in one day!

Keep posted for more about my trip to the Grand Canyon, including photos and videos.

Sharon Powell

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