Personal Trainer Tip of the Day – Push Ups

If you can’t do a push up, perform an eccentric push up. Begin in the up position with the base of the palm of your hand directly in line with your armpit. Lower yourself in a 5 second count until you reach the floor. Be sure to descend as one rigid unit so that chest and belly land at the same time. Avoid lag in the spine. Control the descent and avoid letting gravity drop you, especially as you get closer to the floor. Once you land, come up on your knees and back to the starting position. Start with 5 reps at a 5 second descent. When this gets easier, hold the bottom position for a count of one before touching down. In time, attempt to push back up without hitting the mat. With consistency, you’ll be on your way in no time performing a perfect push up!

Sharon Powell

Female Fitness Trainer

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