Five Sets of Five – Bodybuilding Training At Its Best

To gain lean, hard muscle and burn fat; the Five Sets of Five routine is awesome! It’s a high intensity workout but of short duration. Typically you perform 5 sets of 5 reps of a lift involving multiple muscle groups such as, deadlifts, squats, bench press or the military press. You need to choose a weight in which you can only perform 5 reps per set.

Today I performed this program with kettle bell swings and goblet squats with a 44 pound kettle bell. Booyah!  The squats were tough and I loved it! No “girly” workout for me.

I followed this with 3 sets of reverse sit ups on an incline bench; 8 reps each. The total time of this training session was only 30 minutes not including the warm-up or post-workout stretch.


Sharon Powell

Personal Trainer of the Tucson Foothills

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