As females, we all dread that ugly granny flab under the arms. No more tank tops for us! Prevention is the best approach. This is where fitness and nutrition come into play. Perform whole body strength training and eat correctly. If it’s too late for prevention and you already have those pesky wings, the solution is the same – perform whole body workouts and eat correctly. Sorry – doing a million arm exercises will not reduce the fat. It will, however, strengthen the muscle which is a good outcome. The only way to reduce underarm fat is to reduce your overall body fat. Thus, do fitness workouts that train all the muscles of the body.

The next component is nutrition. What you eat and drink is half the equation, if not more. Eat to speed up your metabolism and promote muscle growth. I recommend six small meals per day. I eat roughly every three hours. Eat a protein with every meal. Avoid all processed foods and sugar. Whole foods require more calories to digest than processed foods. An example of a whole food is an orange. A processed food is orange juice. The juice is already broken down and takes less calories for your body to digest; not to mention it is mostly sugar and many of the nutrients and fiber that were in the whole orange have been processed out.

Combining a total body strength fitness plan and proper food intake, you will begin to reduce your overall body fat. Unfortunately, where you store your fat the most is usually going to take the longest to take off. Be patient and have persistence. It can happen!

By: Sharon Powell



  1. When people seek to lose weight, they often want it to happen fast. While embarking on starvation diets or fad programs often result in quick weight loss–if you can stick to the restrictive program–the weight usually returns. Yo-yo dieting often creates a fatter body. When you lose weight, especially quickly, you lose muscle and fat, according to the book “You, On a Diet” by Drs. Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz. When that weight returns, you’re likely gaining more fat.

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