Do you have post-holiday blues? Exercise! Physical activity secretes endorphins in our brain. Endorphins are proteins that have similar properties typical of opium. They are released in response to sustained exertion and are believed to also have a role in appetite control. Endorphins are connected with the “pleasure centers” in the brain and elevate our mood.


Do you lack motivation to get started? Find a friend to exercise with together. Hold each other accountable. Hire a Personal Trainer. When you have an appointment with someone, you’ll be likely to show up; especially when money is involved.


Worse case scenario, force yourself out there. Do something! Walk at a park. Go to the gym and participate in a class. Perform a circuit on the machines – do one set of each. You will feel better after and be glad you went. The good feelings will motivate you to exercise again.


By:  Sharon Powell


  1. Rhadoo says:

    Yeah…it’s always nice to workout after the holiday, and even during the holiday if you get the chance!

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